Thursday, March 6, 2014

If you seek a lumber baron's dream home...

The Charles H. Hackley House
Muskegon, Michigan

"Muskegon's famous lumber baron built this 1889 mansion
featuring lavish wood carving, outstanding stenciling and
marvelous stained glass in the highest tradition of Victorian
Decorative Arts.  AAA rated as 'One of Michigan's best
examples of Victorian Homes.'  Listed on the National Register
of Historic Places and open for guided tours."
- Postcard purchased in 2001

Circumspice Michigan:  Postcards of a Pleasant Peninsula

Monday, August 13, 2012


THE GRAND DINING ROOM - in the Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan, is one of the world's famous resorts.  Gourmet and classic American cuisine, service by a proficient and sensitive staff and magnificent views, make for a most memorable dining experience.
                                                                         -Photo by John Penrod, c. 1965
                                                                          ©PENROD/HIAWATHA® Co.,
                                                                           Berrien Springs, Michigan  49102
                                                                           Postcard Number 6545

What started as a hobby in the 1950s, scenic photography became John Penrod's career path. It lead him to capture all the beautiful places in Michigan in his camera lens.  He then turned his photographs into postcards for the tourist trade, and became a legend in his own time.

Click on this link to read about John Penrod's wonderful life as photographer par excellence:

                    TWIN CITY CAMERA CLUB - Shadows and Highlights, page 2


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Saturday, March 17, 2012

If you seek a fisherman's shrine...

Fisherman Shrine, located in the main district of Kalakaska, Michigan.  The fountain, symbolic
of Michigan's Official State Fish, the Brook Trout, is 18-feet high and and the Brook Trout is
17-feet long.  Fountain has wash stones from nearby Torch Lake, and Michigan Petoskey stones
in the base.  The National Trout Festival is held annually, the last weekend in April, in Kalkaska.

                                                                                   -Color by Jim Crawford, 16889-C
                                                                                    Distributed by The Camera Shop,
                                                                                     Traverse City, Michigan
                                                                                   -Postcard postmarked August 6, 1968

If you seek some real fine fishing, click on the link to the Michigan Department of Natural
Resources for information on the upcoming fishing season in our fair State.


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Saturday, January 14, 2012

If you seek a Winter Wonderland...

                                                                     -Photograph by A.C. Shelton, Postcard c.1960                                                                      
          Snow has returned to Michigan!  Our Water Wonderland is now a Winter Wonderland!

                                                                          -Photograph by A.C. Shelton, Postcard c.1960

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

If you seek Christmas 365 days of the year...

                               BRONNER'S CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS ~ Postcard from the 1960s

    Now called Bronner's CHRISTmas WONDERLAND, this Frankenmuth, Michigan institution
    has been making spirits bright since 1945.  Visit their store (parking for 1,000+ cars) or
    navigate their very accessible website for last-minute treasures!


     Take a break from Christmas shopping and visit...

 Frankenmuth, Michigan  48734
Postcard published by Freeman Studios,
Berrien Springs Michigan, © 1971
In Frankenmuth, where population is only 2,700, 800,000 special dinners
are served annually.  World famous for family style chicken and other dinners.
Dining Room, Coffee Shop, Stein Room, Gift Shop, Bake Shop, and Wine Cellar.
Located 25 miles north of Flint, 15 miles south of Saginaw, just east of I-75.  
Northbound use Birch Run-Frankenmuth exit.
Southbound use Frankenmuth-Bridgeport exit.
Phone (517) 652-9941

CIRCUMSPICE MICHIGAN:  Postcards of a Pleasant Peninsula

Saturday, December 10, 2011

If you seek a U.P. diner...

                                                 MT. SHASTA RESTAURANT, Michigamme, Michigan

                                                                            -Photo by A.P. Garske
                                                                            -Self-made postcard by the photographer, 2010

Liver and onions, hot roast beef sandwiches, grilled salmon, and chili are just some of the
classic comfort food on the menu at Mt. Shasta, located east of Michigamme, Michigan on
U.S. Highway 41.

Chicagoan Nancy Ferro, a veteran of the food service industry, bought this landmark log
restaurant/bar and brought it back from a derelict state to become a popular eatery in the
Lake Michigamme region, west of Marquette.

Mt. Shasta has a colorful history, as it started out as an Ishpeming-area dance hall in 1936.
The restaurant made a cameo appearance in the 1959 film Anatomy of a Murder, which was
shot on location in the area.  Enlargements of production photos still grace the walls of the

There is a good brief history of Mt. Shasta Restaurant in Hunt's Guide to Michigan's Upper
Peninsula.  Scroll down the Home Page to the tab on the right:  Places Around Michigamme
to Eat.  Mt. Shasta Restaurant is right under the tab, and is itself a link.  Click on and go to
Mt. Shasta's own page!

Read all about Mt. Shasta Restaurant and find information about their specials, and their
winter hours.  Mmm... comfort food!

Mt. Shasta, 1915 U.S. Highway 41
Michigamme, Michigan  49861

Hunt's Guide to Michigan's UPPER PENINSULA:

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

If you seek a summer memory...

   "The spectacular and peaceful moments along Michigan's shoreline are special times to enjoy."

                                                           -Postcard photo by John Penrod, © Penrod/ Hiawatha
                                                            Berrien Center, Michigan  49102, Printed in the USA

This postcard, produced by a venerable Michigan family business, is currently available in stores now.

"Penrod/ Hiawatha is a wholesale company serving the tourist retail industry in Michigan, 
Indiana, and Ohio.  We supply high quality post cards, calendars, guide books and souvenirs.
Established in 1958 with just a limited quantity of post cards, the company soon became well 
known in Michigan.  Over the years the company has continued to expand and improve both 
the quality and quantity of the products offered."

     -About Us, from the Penrod/ Hiawatha Company's website .
                      CIRCUMSPICE MICHIGAN:  Postcards of a Pleasant Peninsula